Thursday, June 3, 2010

jinhe nazzz hai...woh kahan hain

Respected Mr. whosoever is supposed to take notice

I am a responsible citizen of my irresponsible country. I have been responsible towards this country ever since this country has been irresponsible towards me.

I say I am responsible because ever since my childhood I have been dutiful and respectful towards my country. I have always stood my straightest and stiffest best whenever and where ever I have heard the beats of our national anthem. Whenever the nation has been hit by an emergency, I have given away whatever I could along with my prayers. Whenever people have died at the hands of enemy of the states, I have mourned as if I have lost one in my family. I value my countries honor more than anything else in the world, but of late I have the feeling that my country does not values my life. For even after having caught the perpetuator of Mumbai attack, and even before he could be brought to justice, a hand of friendship has been extended to the land that is home to many more willing and being trained to repeat the barbaric act.

I know democracy, peace and forgiveness are big virtues but so are self respect, self- defense and integrity.

“jinhe naaz hai, hind par woh kahan thee

Jinhe naaz hai, woh kahan hain???”

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