Thursday, June 3, 2010

jinhe nazzz hai...woh kahan hain

Respected Mr. whosoever is supposed to take notice

I am a responsible citizen of my irresponsible country. I have been responsible towards this country ever since this country has been irresponsible towards me.

I say I am responsible because ever since my childhood I have been dutiful and respectful towards my country. I have always stood my straightest and stiffest best whenever and where ever I have heard the beats of our national anthem. Whenever the nation has been hit by an emergency, I have given away whatever I could along with my prayers. Whenever people have died at the hands of enemy of the states, I have mourned as if I have lost one in my family. I value my countries honor more than anything else in the world, but of late I have the feeling that my country does not values my life. For even after having caught the perpetuator of Mumbai attack, and even before he could be brought to justice, a hand of friendship has been extended to the land that is home to many more willing and being trained to repeat the barbaric act.

I know democracy, peace and forgiveness are big virtues but so are self respect, self- defense and integrity.

“jinhe naaz hai, hind par woh kahan thee

Jinhe naaz hai, woh kahan hain???”

Sunday, December 20, 2009


A lot is being talked about these days in the media about the new world order which has compelled me to think what the word would have meant had south asia had been a peaceful region. I mean think about it- India, China and Pakistan, not competing against each other but standing by each other, competing the world. I am sure that would have added a complete new dimension to the geographic and political dimension of the N.W.O. I know its hard to imagine since we are countries of completely different cultures and are based on completely different philosophy’s, but so are the US and Mexico. So are most of the members of the EU. So, what makes it so impossible for us in south asia to see beyond our differences and to imagine of what we could achieve together as one. Sure we have fought unfortunate battles against each other, but none have been termed the world wars. If countries that actually fought the two most disastrous wars in the history of man-kind can today work together as stratergic partners then why can’t we.

I am compelled to think that is west consistently giving us reasons to maintain our differences by pitting us against each other just to delay that N.W.O. I end the blog with a strong emphasis on the word delay.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


here's one dedicated to the smelly toilets in ISM:-
ISM ki loo, main se aati hai badboo
susu main karoon ya aapna naak pakdoon!!

hugge wale dabbe ko, jang hai laga
aur najaane kya kya bhi hai, usse main pada
TP(toilet paper) bhi nahin hai ki poonch main sakoon!!!!
ISM ki loo, main se aati hai badboo.....

flush yahan koi, kabhi karta nahi
waise bhi koi flush yahan par chalta nahin
kab tak kissi ke hugge par main, hugta rahoon!!!!!!
ISM ki loo, main se aati hai badboo.......

raat ko kisi ne phir se, ulti kar di
sari ki sari wash basin, usne bhar di
class hai jaldi jana kaise, brush main karoon!!!!!
ISM ki loo, main se aati hai badboo......

Monday, October 12, 2009

gandhi-our father

i am just through seeing a documentary on the indian partition and it is in tears i write this post, with a silent prayer for all those who lost their lifes in the cause and hope that never may this world see such atrocities again.
at a time when both reason and logic took a hit, and humanity lost its meaning. At a time when religion defined whether you would live or die, there were three people who could have made an effort to stop it all, first lord mountbatten-by enforcing marshall law, second Mr.Jinnah and Mr. Nehru by appealing to their political masses for peace. but they did not. i am sure they must hav had their reasons but to me no reason is stronger than quater of a million people dead.
It was at that time Bapu Gandhi went on a fast till death. i might be dillusioned by the overwhelming emotions but still i feel tht if it was'nt for his fast, the riots would hav continued for god knows how long and many of us would not hav had the priviledge of being born.
So, in a sense he played a big role in giving life to us, which makes him OUR FATHER.

Friday, August 28, 2009

mars vs venus @ ISMU

well its been almost 4 yrs i hav been in ISM now and there is one thing i hav observed and that is guys and girls move in opposite are a few observations to support the argument
1.Before a guy comes to ISM, he is the bright student, extremely dashing, the apple of everyone's eye;but the day he lands in ISM no one gives a damn about him......he wonders "why is noone lookin at me".
on the other hand, beforea girl comes to ISM she is the social outcast, who is not noticed by anyone;but the day she lands in ISM every one is staring wide eyed at her....she wonders"why is evryone lookin at me".
2.In the initial years of his life in ISM, a guy bathes evryday;wears good clothes;supports accessiories;he is the stud.By the time he leaves ISM you can generally find him walkin in the same clothes he sleeps in.
on the contrary, a girl in her initial yrs in ISM looks like she's fresh out of the mines;she is covered with hair on body n face; wears shabby clothes;it seems she wears the same clothes she sleeps in. but by the time they leave ISM, they become well versed with the concept of a beauty parlor; look somewhat stylish; and wear so much perfume(which i think in most of the cases in gifted), that you can smell them before you can see them.
3.when a guy comes to ISM, he has a stable girlfrnd; a bunch of flings and normally dozens of girls drooling over him.By the time he leaves ISM he has absolutely no contact with the opposite sex(except for him mother and sister) and has scores of guys drooling over him."Am i gay?" is one of the most prominent questions in his mind.
whereas, when a girl comes to ISM;she has no boyfrnds;there is no question of flings and normally gud guys had never paid attention to her.
by the time she leaves ISM, she has one stable boyfnds; a bunch of everready replacements and a whole college drooling over her.
4.finally, when a guy comes to ISM, he thinks tht he atleast will get a good the time he leaves ISM he is fortunate if he even has a job thts satisfactory. he loses everything in ISM;his style,girls,ambitions;he is wondering "wht went wrong".
on the other hand, when a girl comes to ISM, she thinks maybe i'll get a job.bythe time she leaves ISM she has a grt job;a boyfrnd, a style statement and high ambitions;she wonders "what went right".
P.S:-the contents are not intented to be taken personally;nyways the girls here hate me.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

MD bashing- they desrve it!!!!!!

I have been following our college newspaper MD for quite sometime now and I must say MD guys, if you people are reading this (and if you are not you better!!!!!) you guys (and gals) need to seriously get your shit together. I mean criticizing anything and everything that comes to your mind should not be the purpose of a newsletter. The whole vibe of the newspaper is so skeptical that by the time a reader might reach to an article that is actually good (if there is any) he is not in the mood to read further.
I once read that the purpose of a journalist is twin fold – firstly to bring to the public’s notice what wrong is going on in their society and secondly to motivate them to improve it and remain in an upbeat morale. Well it seems like you guys read half of the line and went to bed!!!!!
I mean u guys (n gals) seem to find fault with everything. There’s always this line attached with every event “could have been done better”, well I dare any of you to actually stand up and do it better if you think you can, then only you’ll realize how hard it is to put up a show.
I had the perception that the job of a newspaper is to state facts about opinions not opinions about facts, well with MD it seem to be the other was round. And there’s no OPINIONS for that matter, there’s just ‘1 OPINION’ about everything and that’s everything is CRAP!!!!! I mean the biggest of events in ISMU find the smallest of space in your newsletter and hardly any of them gets a good review. As I said there’s something wrong with everything. If the event was good according to you, then the junta was not there. If the junta was there then there was something wrong with the arrangements and blah!blah!blah!blah!
Well MD has been conducting those opinion polls off late. How bout an opinion poll on MD itself!!!!!
What say guys, game or not.

Friday, February 13, 2009

proteas on top!!!!!

South Africa’s win down under surely suggests the finally the baton has indeed been passed on. Gone are the days when a cricketing affair with the mighty Australians, especially down under, was a one sided affair. The Australians have gone from being termed as the juggernaut to vulnerable recently and seem to have no clue on how to dig out of the trouble they have themselves in.
The change in the team to beat moreover, also signifies a shift in cricketing paradigm for the Australians were know for a decade of aggression and mind games, their South African counterpart are more of gritty no-nonsense types. While playing the Australians at their primes was like a wall being thrown at you, South Africans rather kill you by hammering nails into you slowly. In other words, while Australians were sudden death, the South Africans are more of a slow poison.
But now as the baton has been snatched out of the hands of the Aussies a much greater challenge needs to be met before they can be termed as true champions and that is to dominate cricketing horizons for over a decade.
Let’s see if the South Africans can hold onto it.